Can I only do Staking on Exchanges like Binance or Kraken?

NO, Staking has not been invented by exchanges and it can be said that for the opposite.

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be the farmer of your own money

Staking has to be done & is done in the validators of each network.

It is the validators who work for the community, and for the network to be secure, exchanges are only concerned about having benefits.

Crypto is characterized by the fact that the coins or tokens may have some utility but most of the new users come to the Crypto world to trade with these currencies, trading is done on exchanges and these exchanges generate profits in many ways but one of them It is thanks to the sale between its users and the commission that the exchange charges.

So we understand that the exchange is interested in having the largest amount of all currencies deposited in their accounts so that traders move more volume on their exchange and obtain more commissions.
At no time will the exchange care if you win or lose money, but if it is interested in having the crypto in its exchange, to have liquidity and offer its exchange as such, the one that has the most coins.
The fact that exchanges benefit from commissions, makes Crypto volatile, more coins in circulation within the exchanges will create a greater price movement, here the so-called pump & dump.

Staking in the blockchain: it is about staking in the network that has this currency as a native token to do so, this creates a more secure network and at the same time translates into fewer coins on exchanges.
Crypto devs created new protocols called proof of stake aka PoS, so the blockchain instead of needing miners to perform the PoW aka proof of work, and put coins into circulation, they would instead have a large number of already created coins, these coins than can and should be used for staking, staking generates benefits for the person who does it, because the blockchain is developed for it, and rewards users who provide security to the network by activating the staking function within the network, with the coins already created and that would be for the miners in a traditional PoW that end up in an exchange with the only utility of trading.


This new concept of staking and protocols that allow it is becoming more common every day, so much so that some old and popular currencies such as Ethereum will adapt this PoS system, and will start staking with ETH as well.

A Blockchain is a company, it may be decentralized; more or less, or private like one exchange, but it is a company, this company seeks to be safe, not only does it want its code to be secure, it wants the value of its network to be associated with the largest amount of stake in its network, most Staking networks: to more coins globally by staking on his network, the greater the rewards for all users who practice it.

If a network has a total of 100 million coins and 80 million are staking, it will leave about 20 million coins only for traders on exchanges, but if the tendency to staking increases, more coins will leave the exchanges and go to the wallets of their owners to produce a passive income, while also going long on their investment projections.

If, the token in the blockchain is more secure than being in control of an exchange, and also multiplies only while I staking the network, so why send a token to an exchange?
Sending tokens to exchanges to trade is the most normal thing, but staking is a new service for exchanges.
In addition, exchanges run validators on these PoS Blokchains and they do staking on these networks, which means that exchanges have to remove the tokens from their own exchanges to put them in staking in their own validators.

Binance Cosmos ATOM validator more 12M ATOM delegates
Irisnet Binance Validator more 80M Iris delegates
Binance KaVa validator more 10M Kavas delegates

So, in addition to the exchanges staking, they have decided to offer users to do staking but not in their validators on the network, they want you to do Staking in the exchanges, to attract token holders to deposit coins in the exchanges.
If you deposit the money in the exchange to make staking, it is most likely that you will end up trading on the worst days and end up with fiat or another different currency that was not your initial plan.

So the exchanges today are not only offering staking, they are also building their own PoS-based networks to offer staking as well, with their own currencies as Binance, Kucoin, OKex, and many more are doing today.

Let’s quickly see the cons of staking an exchange and doing it on your own.

Things that can happen while you are staking in an exchange.

Lost your password or you cannot access your account in the normal way to the exchange and you need to contact support.
Today the exchange has notified you that you must explain the origin of your crypto in order to mobilize it.

The exchange has suffered a hack or has been closed by the authorities so we regret your loss.

When I enter the exchange my balance is zero, the exchange tells me that my account has been hacked and someone has withdrawn my coins. But that the fault is mine, that their security is fine and that I am the only one or one of the few affected.

Someone had sent me a virus or something to the email, they have hacked me and since I cannot access the email I cannot confirm anything with the exchange, I have to contact support and see if they have hacked or emptied my account there.

What can happen if I staking on my own;

In a wallet decentralized and is non-custodial, aka it means that they give me access to the blockchain but that the keys and passwords are kept by me, that they cannot manage them, they only give them to you once.
This means that with the keys you have, you can access your wallet and accounts from the same blockchain and without the need for any 3 party involved. Also, nobody can access your accounts, not even the wallet service, only you.
Then you just have to make sure that you keep that password well and in more than one safe place, this is something that can be done easily and it would not be your first time managing to save a secure password, you can save it in a safe -box of a bank or any other place that is synonymous of security for you.

Plus: When you are staking on your own, in the blockchain, if you decide to stop staking, it allows you to transfer your coins after a period of a few days is called a security period, each blockchain has different rules, you must always inform yourself, but The fact is that thanks to these standards, the blockchain is also safer, and a more secure blockchain translates into a safer investment for you as an investor and user.

- Staking yourself is safe and in the long run it will generate more benefits for you and your blockchain.

More than 135 options to practice staking with minimal risks and without losing control of your coins

Then explain this, you must be the one to decide; if you are going to do staking well done, or if you are going to do staking-trading.

If it’s not your keys, it’s not your crypto.

To end.
Did you know that most professional traders who work with exchanges, operate at certain times of the day and when it is no longer their time to trade, they withdraw their tokens from the exchanges and send them to their own wallets to regain full control of their coins.

Every day millions of coins are withdrawn and deposited on exchanges for trading, but transferring them to leave them there, is something that professional traders do not preach.

Clarify that I thank the exchanges for all the services they provide to the Crypto community, and at no time do I want your decision to staking to be based on this article, but it is my intention that you know the advantages and disadvantages of staking by your account, which is also very easy to do, and that it is not an exclusive function of the exchanges.

To start staking by yourself you must go to the web of your preference to see the price reference for example

And check in the social or chat section which are the chat channels that are open so that you can chat to ask; how it is done staking on the network?

As you can see the list of active validators and which are the most recommended, in addition to clearing up other doubts you may have.

TIP: Here the list of Validators for Solana

More than 135 options to practice staking with minimal risks and without losing control of your coins.



I wish you happy staking either on the Validators or on an Exchanges.

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