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Hello, Community of Cosmos!

Spanish version here

After more than a year of the launch of the twitter account “Cosmos Hispanic” and the creation of a blog in the medium for the publication of information, news, and guides of Cosmos ATOM for the Spanish-speaking community, today we present the new face of Cosmos Hispanic and the new Social and Educational tools on Cosmos Network for the community that speaks Spanish aka Castilian worldwide that we have created.

Cosmos is global.

Our idea of Cosmos Hispanic arises after participating in “Today in Cosmos”, an initiative of Adriana Mihai for the Cosmos ecosystem and that we think it would be best to approach it directly with the Cosmos Hispanic Community and that is why we opened the Cosmos Hispanic account on twitter.

Since last August we took a few days of vacations from “Today in Cosmos” because from my point of view a good job is being done from that medium, but from Cosmos Hispanic, we thought we were missing something, we were not clear what, but if something was missing.

Bingo! Seeing things from the outside, while we are disconnected from the daily routine, we find that we can expand the information and the means in which we present it.

The Spanish speaking community is one of the largest communities in the world, so now you will get the information like this:

From the Twitter account of Cosmos Hispanic, each twitter will be translated after being published in the main Cosmos account and if this twit is accompanied by an article or publication, it will also be translated so that the interested public receives the complete information at the moment timely.

We have renewed the image of the blog in medium and we will continue working on it to make it current, useful, and of interest to the crypto community.

New ad channel

Cosmos opened a new channel a few months ago, the official Cosmos announcements telegram, it seemed like an excellent idea at the time of the initiative and as of today, we can check it by using it every day to keep us informed with the latest important news.

Thinking thinking, we have asked ourselves, if it exists in English, it will be useful to serve it in Spanish as well, for the Latin and Spanish community of the world.

Of course!

Now Cosmos Hispanic is here on Telegram with the same function as on twitter, official announcement, announcement that we will translate and publish, so if you don’t use twitter or simply prefer telegram to read the latest from Cosmos, Welcome.

So to identify it, the same logo but with an additional megaphone.


In this technology, one thing leads to another, so in the Cosmos Hispanic ad channel, you can find a Chat button that will take you to a new chat that we have created for the community.

This button will take you to the new Cosmos Hispanic telegram chat, which will be linked to twitter and other channels that we are presenting here in this post.

This new Telegram channel does not seek to replace other Spanish-speaking Cosmos channels or chats open today, it will simply be one more tool for the Hispanic community, which is very large and more and more Hispanics are entering into the world of cryptocurrencies and arrive at Cosmos. That is why we applaud any initiative open today and the new ones to come, Cosmos is an ecosystem for everyone.

So once you hit the Chat button it takes you to the chat.

Arrived here we think that for now, we are covering the information points that we were missing. Every day we will see to update ourselves when necessary to continue providing the best and most current information and news about Cosmos

Today in Cosmos ES

We are part of the initiative and fans too, so we know that it can be difficult for those who are not users of the twitter network to follow the daily news that “Today in Cosmos” presents, that is why we are moving to telegram.

Hi! Today in Cosmos telegram!

One of the most difficult things for the team at Cosmos today Hispanic is to reduce the news in the twitts, due to the restriction of characters on twitter, when we translate them into Spanish, it is unfortunate, but many times we cut the words a lot and the information may not reach clearly or completely.

That is why we went to the telegram without the restriction of characters and to be able to send you the complete news and without cuts.

Once the daily publication of the Cosmos is on Telegram, we will send it to twitter so that the fans and the community follow the news as always, and also have them available on telegram in a cleaner format without advertising or hashtags and in a more orderly way, for days Even if what you are looking for is news from a specific day to review it very quickly.

These are the new news from the Cosmos Hispanic Update, hope they allow the Cosmos community to continue growing.


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