melea-◮👁◭ Cosmos Validator, Lasts News & 7%

The month of October is here and with it, we will make a brief summary/update of our Validation service more the new services and new commission 7%.

We start with a summary of Cosmos

So far we have 24 Delegations including ours meleaValidator

Total Stake 700,465 $ATOM Delegates

Today the Total Staking or Delegations of $ATOM to our validator is 700,465 Atoms.

The short story is that we started with just 1 self-delegated $ATOM, = after some weeks we were out of the validation set for more than 24 hours due to lack of delegations but thanks to the support of the Validators and the Cosmos Community we received delegations and returned to the validation set. Special thanks to those special validators that really help me that day.

The first great delegation came from the team of Tendermint team aka “AllinBits”

+330,000 ATOMS

Delegation of part of the Tendermint aKa “AllinBits” team

The second great delegation came after +40 days from the Interchain foundation.

+300,000 ATOMS

A delegation from the Interchain Foundation that represents Cosmos

That is the history, now the last news:

1.- New ad channel via Telegram

Follow our telegram channel for the lasts updates about our validator service.

2.- Discord. After studying the different communication channels we have decided that it would be better instead of opening a chat via telegram and managing everything by the same chat, better opening a server in Discord and divide the chat into the relevant categories.

3.- Section dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community, we know and know the potential of the Latin American community on our own and that is why we want to support by opening a chat channel dedicated to this community to develop the topics that most interest you regarding our portfolio and devs interesting in build in Cosmos from others Countries.

3.- We lend new Cosmos Collaboration in the “Today in Cosmos” group led by Adriana | KalpaTech aka “The Captain” in which we translate his original tweets “Today in Cosmos” into Spanish, daily. if you still do not follow it, you are missing the daily news of the Cosmos follow→ Adriana

Currently all the work / time, which we are dedicating to CosmosHub has been self-funded, we started with a commission of 20% and currently it is 8%, well at the time of writing this line, in summary we are in place number #30 in relation to the top 100 as regards percentage per commission.

#30 melea 8% commision

Atoms self-delegates since we are fully validators, all have been self-delegated none have been spent = 1029 Atoms

The Melea Validation service has been called by several as “small / lonely” or without “skin in the game”, we are not going to talk about the other validators, but if we want to say that we are a Validation service that is leaving Footprint, that does a job that goes beyond keeping the validator connected to the network, we care about that and connecting people with the CosmosHub in very different ways.

So, What can we do to gain more skin in the game meanwhile we smol?

We want to earn more, because we dedicate more time, if we want to continue spending time, we have to have a benefit from it, because the company is self-financed and we are competing with the Validators of exchange houses and other whales that are not interested that the decentralized validators have a part of the voting power or hold Atoms, but instead they want everything for them while you do not see them build community, but if you see them rise in the top validators set every day and with commissions equal or close to 0% . In short, it is not easy for our company to have a long-term projection in the Cosmos, competing with these giants of the Crypto world. Initially, when we observed this problem, we decided to lower the commissions to 0% but when the other validators expressed their dissatisfaction with the issue of 0%, we decided to leave it at 8%.

Today is the day that commission is going to move, we have to find a balance between the time spent and the Atoms that come back for that work, it is not an easy task, but for our calculations, the commission would have to adjust to 20 %. This has many cons for us since it would leave us at a disadvantage with the other validators who can afford a low commission. But if we are spending more time on this project every day and on the road map is spend more, well, I would love to spend more time if that time is actually well spent.

In summary, we think that raising commissions to 20% would be the easiest, but leaving us at a disadvantage.

So we have thought of a challenge for the entire Cosmos community, the Tendermint team, the Interchain Foundation, and to others Validators.

The challenge:

We will lower commissions to 7% from today and for 17 Days, but if on October 20 we have reached the total of +2,222,221 Atoms Delegates to our validator, we will leave the commission at 7% for a minimum period of 14 months and as long as the validator has that delegated amount.

The result would be to enter the top 20 Validators and offering a good validation service to a competitive commission.

We are currently in position 52 and being so low 8% is not as attractive as if it were in the first positions.

Why bet / Stake on melea?

melea has always shown that want the best for the Cosmos and its entire community.

We have shown that every day we can get more involved and we are always attentive to offer a good service.

We are writing manual guides and translating news, which is to write history at the same time that we write the present and attract people to the community without disregarding those who are already members.

Do you think we can do better or even do more, please tell us.

We will build in CosmosSDK and perform Airdrop on our delegates, the older the delegation is, the greater the reward it will have.

for now, There are no middle terms, if by October 21 we have not reached 2,222,222 Delegated Atoms, we will start raising the commission 1% daily and for twelve days until we reach a total of 20%.

It has not been easy to reach this challenge, as we have called it, but it is a move to get and keep giving.

We invite you to participate and support this initiative of an active and close to the community validator. Some examples.

Active in Governance


Active in the forums and worried about others.

Cosmos Hub projects that we are currently betting / involved / supporting AkA equally self-funded; Iris Network, Althea Network, Regen Network, Kava Labs, Kira Exchange, Emoney, Desmos Network.

We bet on Cosmos, and are also going to build a community here in Barcelona Spain, once this challenge about commissions is over, it is on the road map, talk to the Interchain Foundation to know if you are interested in supporting our project idea to grow a community here, and more plans for local and social Comos, talking about social engineering.

In addition to my medium account, I will open a blog for the “Cosmos Hispanic community” if I reach the challenge.

TIP: Our Founder gives his face so you know who your validator is.

We have shown that we can do a good job as Validators and community builders so if you want me to keep doing it and do more and better, you just have to support my validator.

How to delegate here guide

Now Commission is active at 7% cheers and good luck!

Thanks for the support.

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