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Since the launch of the main network, we have closed two Iris validators and now we only have one active validator in the network, this validator offers now a commission of 10% for 5 months and will be updated on October 7 at 11:55 p.m. 20% commission.

Why Back commissions now to 20%?

We started with a commission of 20%, but as in the launch of Cosmos Hub some validators offered a commission equal to 0% in that blockchain and the result was that to prevent the same situation in Iris from being presented to us and losing delegations we lowered the commission of The three validators at 8%, noting that Iris did not present a threat from a majority of validators at 0%, we decided to update to the average of 10%.

Now, will it return to 20%?

Yes, times change and we must adapt, we must take into account that, as in the Cosmos Hub in Iris Hub, Validators offering 0% are first validators.

It should be noted that we can also observe how there is a variety of commissions ranging from 0% to 20% in the first top 10 validators.

In Cosmos as in Iris we have moved our commission to adapt, Cosmos update is here, It should be said that each blockchain and the commission we apply is independent of others and is applied according to the conditions present at that time and always thinking about the trajectory that the long-term project will have.

The two largest delegations

15,879,999.86 IRIS The Iris Foundation

76,761.00 IRIS self delegation

All the reward obtained for completing the tasks in the Nyancat4 test network was self-delegated +32,441.000 IRIS


Clarify that during the past month of September we had to update the hardware of all our Iris servers specifically hard drives have had to be expanded to store the current Iris blockchain, our hard drives are SSD in its entirety and the change to better servers is an expense of more than + 300% that we can assume in the long term as long as we return to the 20% commission again.

This is the main reason why we update the commission during this month of October.

Once the summary of the story is done, we continue with the new news and current affairs.

  1. - New ad channel via Telegram

Follow our telegram channel for the lasts updates about our validator service.

2.- Discord. After studying the different communication channels we have decided that it would be better instead of opening a chat via telegram and managing everything by the same chat, better opening a server in Discord and divide the chat into the relevant categories.

3.- Section dedicated to the Spanish-speaking community, we know and know the potential of the Latin American community on our own and that is why we want to support by opening a chat channel dedicated to this community to develop the topics that most interest you regarding our portfolio and devs interesting in build in Cosmos from others Countries.

3.- We lend new Cosmos Collaboration in the “Today in Cosmos” group led by Adriana | KalpaTech aka “The Captain” in which we translate his original tweets “Today in Cosmos” into Spanish, daily. if you still do not follow it, you are missing the daily news of the Cosmos follow→ Adriana

Cosmos Hub projects that we are currently betting / involved / supporting AkA equally self-funded; Althea Network, Regen Network, Kava Labs, Kira Exchange, Emoney, Desmos Network.

We bet on Iris, and are also going to build a community here in Barcelona, Spain, once this challenge about commissions is over, it is on the road map, talk to the Interchain Foundation to know if you are interested in supporting our project idea to grow a community here, and more plans for local and social Comos, talking about social engineering.

In addition to my medium account, I will open a blog for the “Iris Hispanic community”.

TIP: Our Founder gives his face so you know who your validator is.

We have shown that we can do a good job as Validators and community builders so if you want me to keep doing it and do more and better, you just have to support my validator.

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