How Staking Crypto in Trust-Wallet?

Hello, if you want to know what Stake or Staking is;

Here is a guide

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To do Staking, you need a crypto wallet with the available staking functionality and that is reliable so as not to lose your tokens.

Trust-Wallet is part of the Binance family, they are going to incorporate Solana shortly to make Stake and also you can stake in more networks every day, I like the possibility of being able to buy tokens from the app and I have not heard any complaints from anyone about it, and her team is active in support, so that’s why I’m going to recommend her in this guide to Staking with the trust-wallet.

Ok, go

When downloading an application for Crypto or accessing a web page to manage your coins, you must be sure that you are accessing or downloading the correct application and not an imitation or malicious application.

To be sure if you use Twitter, which is an application widely used by the crypto community, access the Twitter account of Trust-Wallet

From there you access their website

Once on its website, you look for the Download Link according to your device.

Click & install

Once installed, open it and create a new account.

Create a new Wallet AkA Multi-coin wallet

Follow the security steps and as they have explained, keep your 12 security words in a safe place

Once the Wallet is created you can activate the accounts in the Blockchain that interest you and are available in trust-wallet, now we are going to add Cosmos, you can search and add the ones you prefer from here.

Once Cosmos is activated, you can interact with the Atoms network from the main screen

Open the Cosmos account and press receive to deposit ATOM in your Cosmos account

Copy the account and send Atoms to that address

Once received tokens you will have them visible in your wallet.

Click on the Cosmos network and more options

If the network allows you to stake in the trust-wallet as Cosmos you can see it now the Staking options

Staking options

Staking options

Here are the three options available.

* Stake : Start the Staking.

* Unstake: Stop the staking.

* Claim rewards: claim the rewards for stake.

Click in Stake

To see the list of Validators click on the Validator that is on the screen and it will take you to the list so that you can choose a validator if you want to delegate to more than one validator you must do it one by one. find melea

Once you have your Validator selected

You have to decide how many tokens you want to Stake and start

Next, check and confirm

If everything is correct Send

Once the pending status is updated you can see everything on your screen and in the browser thanks to the Link provided

by the Trust-Wallet TX

Back to the main screen and open the Cosmos account again

I can confirm that all the information is correct and I am Staking with the Validator melea with the official Crypto Binance wallet called trust-wallet.

As you have seen, it is very easy to take a stake and if you do not do Staking it is because you do not want to, but do not say why you do not do it because it is something very complicated.

To Stake with Solana or another active network for staking in Trust-Wallet, you only have to choose the network and follow the same steps described in this guide and the steps for Cosmos, you just have to be sure that the network is available and that it is SOLANA and token SOL.

Remember to claim your reward from time to time and staking with rewards is known as compounding

Thank you for participating in the Staking crypto economy.

Happy staking


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