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  • Martin Worner

    Martin Worner

    Building Tgrade, a public blockchain with self-sovereign governance frameworks to help bridge traditional finance.

  • Bonfida


    Data, Analytics, and GUIs for Serum

  • Lara Andrade

    Lara Andrade

    Amante del mundo Blockchain

  • Audius


  • Bianjie


    Bianjie focuses on developing innovative products and solutions using advanced Blockchain technologies.

  • Felix Lutsch

    Felix Lutsch

    Chief Commercial Officer @ChorusOne. @FelixLts on Twitter. @StakingEconomy.

  • Vladimir Ponimajushij

    Vladimir Ponimajushij


  • Smith | MCF

    Smith | MCF


  • Alevtina Yakovenko

    Alevtina Yakovenko

    alevtina.io | Marketing and Technology. 10+ years of experience. Blockchain enthusiast.

  • Jay | Human Being

    Jay | Human Being

    Blockchain | Distributed Consensus | Software Architecture | Pitbull | Columbia University SEAS '17.

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